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Saying Hello To Spirit
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           Saying Hello to Spirit recognizes that spirit is everywhere and within. In particular, you are your own unique spirit; your spirit has come here to grow, change, play, learn lessons, shine, and live in true authenticity. Your spirit has its own vibration or harmonic and given the resiliency of the soul, is always striving to maintain health, well-being, and full expression.

However, along the journey we collect other peoples’ energy, ideas, and pictures of how we are supposed to be in this world. When we are born we are a huge vessel of light -- receptive, open, and full of wonder. As we grow, we naturally take on ideas and beliefs of our parents, siblings, teachers, schools, religious institutions, and partners. By the time we are adults, we are a combination of many peoples’ harmonics and can barely hear our own.           

In receiving a hello to your individual spirit, I remind you of your own original true light and harmonic. I combine my clairvoyance, knowingness, and study of the psyche to look at and say hello to your essence. In working with your spirit, together we clear that which is not yours and help you manifest more of your own energy, passion, and next step on your journey.


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